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Endodontic Treatments

Tooth Root Treatments (Endodent)

How make is root treatment?

After the condition of the tooth is determined by the dentist and the canal treatment is recommended, treatment starts.

-The first procedure is to eliminate the feeling of pain. It is anesthetized by anesthesia. The caries part is cleaned and the area of ​​the nerves is reached and the length of the canal is determined by pulling.

-Pulpa tissue is removed and removed. Channels are formed using various hand tools and rotary tools.

-Disinfection of root canals is provided.

-Filled with a material compatible with textures.

-Treatment can take between 1 and 3 sessions.

-Oral medication may be recommended in cases of severe inflammation.

-After treatment, mild pain and tenderness may be seen. This is a temporary situation. In that case, the area should not be used for several days. Sensitivity will pass soon.

Can Root Canal Treatment Be Repeated? (Retreatment)

In case the previous canal treatment fails for any reason, the process of re-canal treatment is called retreatment. The main cause of pain in a tooth treated with root canal is an infection. For many reasons, the inflamed tooth does not heal as expected after treatment of the root canal, and after months, weeks and years, it becomes acute and begins to cause pain and infection may occur. In this case, canal therapy should be renewed.