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Prosthetic Treatments

What is Protertic Dental Treatment?

Prosthodontic treatment is the completion of one or more missing teeth and related missing tissues with appropriate materials in order to regain impaired, diminished, lost function, comfort and health.

Dental Prosthesis are divided into fixed and mobile.

-Removable Prosthesis

Apparatus that can be inserted and removed by the patient and replaces missing teeth. It takes some time for the cheek, lip and tongue muscles to adapt to the new prosthesis. In this process, food should be chewed into small donuts. The removal of the prosthesis at night is important for the rest of the tissues in the mouth to prevent the formation of fungi and bacteria.

-Total (Full) Prosthesis

If there are no teeth left as a support in the mouth, force transmission, support and retention are provided by the prosthesis sitting on the tissue surface. Fully tissue supported.

-Metal-supported poselen crowns.

Porcelain with a metal substructure, tooth color and appearance crowns

-Porcelain crowns with zirconium support

Zirconium replaces the metal part that supports the lower part of the porcelain. The texture is light compared to metal and is very aesthetic friendly. Light transmittance gives a more natural look.

-Monolytic zirconium

These are the crowns obtained as a result of shaping and coloring of zirconium with the development of technology.

-Full porcelain crowns

Esthetic is the most preferred areas in the region. It is the most successful aesthetic prosthesis that mimics the natural tooth. It is tissue-friendly and has good light transmission. Provides excellent aesthetics

What is Bridge?

These are fixed prostheses made with the support of a number of teeth and implants in order to regulate speech, function and aesthetics in one or more teeth deficiencies.