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Surgical Treatments

Surgical Treatments

-What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth from the socket slot in the bone.

-Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical extraction is a technique that is not seen in the mouth and is used for the extraction of broken or buried teeth at the border of the gums.

- When is tooth extraction done?

The teeth damaged due to caries or fractures, filling, canal treatment or other treatment is not possible. If the bone tissue supporting the tooth has been lost due to gum disease and the tooth has started to shake and the gingival treatment cannot be saved by the gums.

-What is Apical Resection? How To?

It is a simple surgical procedure that should be performed when the infected tooth tissue is not completely healed by root canal treatment. After the root canal treatment, the abscess sometimes continues to grow. A small incision is made to the gingiva to clear the infection. The infected tissue is removed and sutured. After thorough cleaning, new bone tissue will heal and the tooth will regain its former health.

Bone Augmentations

Implantation of dental implants in functional and aesthetically appropriate positions can often be a problem, especially in cases of severe anterior bone failure, especially in the anterior and lower jaw. One of the methods used to solve this problem is the placement of grafts from the individual's own bone. For this reason, grafts obtained from the lower jaw posterior region are placed in areas where bone is missing and fixed with osteosynthesis screws. Thus, insufficient bone volume is sufficient for implant application and implant of appropriate length and diameter can be applied. It is used in alloplastic materials as well as autogenous grafts.

Different treatment methods can be used in cases where the width of the alved bone is insufficient or the controls are not at the desired level. Small defects are treated with splitting or bone regeneration (YDR) allografts or xenografts, while large defects are treated with tibia; bone grafts from the scapula. It is successfully treated with inlay-onlay grafting techniques obtained from the mouth, ramuz, symphysis and tuber. The most preferred method today is the symphysis and ramus regions of the mouth.