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Orthodontic Treatments

-Unbalanced jaw structure.

-Jaw welding when closing the mouth

-Early or late tooth loss

-Perplexity of teeth, overlap of incisors

-Open closing

In such cases, orthodentic treatment is used.

What to do after orthodontic treatment?

-Caries should be finished before treatment

-Gum treatment should be done should not have any gum problems

-The way of consuming hard foods after orthodentic treatment is not changed. It should be consumed in small pieces, not by biting.

-Candy and sticky foods should be avoided. These will be placed between the brackets, accelerating the formation of bruise

-The teeth should be brushed with orthodentic brushes and interface brushes.

-The fracture breakage in the paraplegic or sticking to the mouth is interrupted. In such cases, consult your physician.

Types of Orthodontic Therapy

-Fixed Orthodent



Tubes / Tapes

-Wire therapy with moving devices

Acrylic plaques

Transparent plaques

Acrylic Plates

It is mostly used in preventive and preventive orthodent applications in children. They are simple plaque that provides tooth movements and is used in jaw generalizations and skeletal defects. It can be removed or removed by the patient. Symptoms should be used regularly in time.

-Transparent Plaques

As an alternative to dental braces for adults, they are molded from durable materials without metal wires and support devices. Although they are ideal for aesthetics, they may not be suitable for every user because they are transparent. It should be removed while eating.

-Lingual Orthodontic

The Lingual Orthodontic is a treatment for placing brackets on the inside of the teeth to correct the disorders of the complexities. Since it is on the surface of the teeth, wires and brackets are not visible when viewed from the front.

Who should prefer Lingual Orthodentics?

-In people with aesthetic anxiety

-Social life because of people who care about the appearance

-In people with general problems requiring orthodentic treatment

-It is applied to people with dental problems