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Aesthetic Dental Treatments

-Smile Aesthetics-

Oral and dental health treatments.

Dentadres serves on the international standards of Beşiktaş Barbaros Boulevard. Our treatments include implant, smile aesthetics, surgical dental treatments, orthodontics, pediatric dental treatments and dental aesthetic treatments.

Smile Aesthetics

Aesthetics expectation has increased to a high level in recent times we have often heard the aesthetics of smile. With the development of technology in this regard, we became able to respond to expectations and we often do the aesthetics of smile.

How is Smile Aesthetics Applied?

The ratio between the lengths of the crowns of the teeth and the ratio and harmony between the face, lips and surrounding tissues should be evaluated very well. In recent years, the most preferred laminate is smile aesthetics. Surgery is performed in patients with gingival aesthetics. In this way, it is aimed to create longer gums and less gums. Thus, the ratio of tooth crown lengths, face, lips and surrounding tissues should be evaluated very well.

Face Analysis

The facial features of the patients are determined and aesthetic studies planned in the mouth are shaped according to these data. In this context, the lips teeth and face lines are proportional to each other and the golden ratio is obtained.

Laminated Porcelain

It is the natural aesthetic treatment obtained by gluing porcelain to the teeth specially prepared with computer support at the end of minimum abrasion of dental tissue. One of today's most advanced aesthetic dental applications Light permeability, such as the natural tooth (0.3-0.7) mm abrasion of the tooth tissue with a deterioration of the length of a robust aesthetic is provided. When the surfaces are polished, they generally do not undergo any color change.

What is the price of laminated veneers?

The laminations are calculated as the number of teeth. The most important factor in pricing is the selected dental laboratory, high quality materials and clinical applications.

Why should I choose Lamina veneers?

It is often preferred that it is prepared with minimum abrasion from the tooth surface, and that the natural tooth surfaces in the tooth and palate area are not touched, as the light transmittance is similar to that of natural teeth and biocompatibility.

How robust and durable are laminated veneers?

Laminates are bonded to the tooth surface with special adhesives. These adhesives are specially prepared and durable. It can be used safely for many years if it is checked regularly.

Will there be staining or staining in laminate veneers?

Since laminated surfaces are polished tube surfaces, there is no long-term staining.

-Zirconium Porcelain-

What is Zirconium Tooth

Due to its close proximity to its natural tooth structure and its tissue-friendly nature, it has been used frequently in dentistry in recent years. In addition to all these positive properties compared to metal-supported porcelains, light transmittance and durability have made use of zirconium more widespread. Due to their durability and aesthetics, they should be used easily on both the front and rear teeth.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium Tooth Coating?

Zirconium tooth coating is a heat-resistant, transparent, natural tooth-colored, ideal treatment for patients with allergy to metal. It does not create hot and cold sensitivity. It is not affected by cigarette, coffee and tea and does not create coloration. It does not reflect black color in the gums like metal porcelain. Gingival compatibility is very successful. Texture is friendly. It can be used easily for patients with metal allergy.

-Full Ceramic Restorations-

Why Choose Full Ceramic Coatings?

Natural teeth have light transmission properties, so there is vitality and depth in natural teeth. Imitates natural teeth in full porcelain ceramics. It transmits light, has depth and vitality. Thus, the closest result to the natural tooth is obtained. For this reason, full porcelain is preferred in the front region teeth. Metal-supported porcelains are opaque and create a dull and artificial appearance. Full porcelain is a special porcelain reinforced. Gingival harmony is excellent..


How To Do Teeth Whitening?

Two methods are used

-Home Bleaching

This is done by the patient himself. Tooth size of the error is taken and the model is created. Transparent plaque is obtained by performing the necessary procedures on the model obtained from the patient and this plaque is compatible with the patient's teeth. Bleaching syringes to be applied to this plate are given to the patient (6-8) hours in the tooth holds. Opening in the first 3 days becomes visible. It is repeated according to the structure and color of the enamel (1 to 2 weeks).

- Teeth Whitening in Clinic

It is a method applied by the physician in the clinic environment (it lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours.) It is made by applying gum and barrier and whitening gel with a special light

How Long Does Whitening Last?

Whitening teeth can be used for a long time. However, it is up to you to stay away from smoking tea and coffee (ranging from 6 months to 1 year).

Bonding Applications

Bonding applications are among the protective methods used in aesthetic dentistry. It does not cause any damage to the tooth. The dentist treats the composite like a sculptor on the tooth to give the desired shape. A natural image is made without damaging the tooth. The necessary shaping is done aesthetically according to the patient's smile.

What are the Advantages of Bonding Applications?

-Bonding applications, it is possible to change the color of the teeth, change the shape of the teeth, enlarge the teeth or remove the defects in the teeth.

-It is more affordable than laminated and full porcelain.

-The bonding process is done to give an idea about how the tooth will stand up if the lamina process is to be performed later..

-The bonding process is applied on yellow teeth, fractures and caries on the anterior teeth and a beautiful smile can be provided without being distinguished from white and other teeth.

How Long Does Bonding Take?

Bonding is completed in 1-1.5 hours in the same session. It is used as long as the first day with 6 months check. If necessary, polishing is repeated.

Does Bonding Cause Pain?

These applications are painless. There's no need for anesthesia. There will be no pain because the teeth will not be eroded. However, if there is caries in the teeth, small anesthesia can be performed. In just 1.1-5 hours, the teeth have a perfect appearance.

Should Teeth Care Be Applied After Bonding?

After bonding, patients are instructed to bite something hard with their anterior teeth. Habits such as eating nails should be avoided. Care should be taken when brushing teeth. Flossing and physician controls are important.

Bonding Application Does the tooth change color over time? How long is the life of this application?

Routine checks after bonding applications, with good oral care, will prolong the life of the treatment. Composites applied in bonding process are produced with the most advanced technique. In recent years, with the production of nano composites, the color change in the bonding process to these composites has decreased considerably.